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Company Name: Tavan Avaran koshesh(TACO)
Managing Director: seyed mohammad mirian- Kamel Komeili doost
Address: Esfahan-Isfahan Industrial Complex, Street of Thinkers, 22nd Dec
Tel: 0098-31-95022356-8
Fax: 0098-31-95022359
Email: info@taco.ir
Web Site: : www.taco.ir
Hall No: 27
Booth No : 1201
Field of Activities: Producer of Fittings of Power Distribution Lines (Clamp-Jamper-Hotline-Ends of Bimetal and Full-Bimetal-Kishoo-Aluminum Bimetal and Full-Bimetal-Garage Cladding Cable Bolts and Bolts-Crossbelt-Cross-Cross-Arm-Socket Trans- The head of the barrier and the ...)
Name of companies and brands that represented :


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