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Company Name: Fanoos System
Managing Director: Eshfagh Ahmad
Address: اصفهان - خيابان مسجد سيد - بين تختي و طيب کوچه شماره 10 - پلاک 114
Tel: 0098-31-32204071 & 0098-31-32238626
Fax: 0098-31-32205091
Email: info@fanoos-system.com
Web Site: : www.fanoos-system.com
Hall No: 31B
Booth No : 245
Field of Activities: Electronic Control Systems:Astronomic Watch-Programable Switch(Daily,Weekly,Montly)-Azan Time Switch-Super Three Phase Monitor-Three Phase Monitor Without Null-Three Phase Monitor-Over Current Relay-Super Digital Timer-Analog Timer-Recycle Timer-Restart Timer-Staircase Timer-Multi Voltage & Multi Reng Timer-PhotoSwitch-Super Photo Switch-Photo Switch With Timer-Single Phase Monitor-Liquid Level Monitor
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