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Exhibition Map :


Access roads to international trade are:

  1. Doors Southwest Highway Prayer - Seoul Street to the north - Exclusive Exhibition Road
  2. South Gate Highway Prayer - Seoul Street to the north - the exhibition dedicated road - opposite the main door of the club
  3. North Gate ( entrance parking ) : Chamran Highway to the south - the next petrol station
  4. North Gate ( pedestrian traffic ) : Velenjak to the Parkway - International pedestrian bridge
  5. North Gate ( entry 2 Parking ) : St. Yemen -Street Rashid Fazlullah

Driving directions to
38.6 mi - about 58 mins
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Tehran، Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA), Imam Khomeini International Airport Fwy  Iran
1. Head west toward CIP Rd  
0.7 mi
2. Slight left  
0.8 mi
3. Make a U-turn  
0.1 mi
4. Make a U-turn  
2.8 mi
5. Continue onto Output of Imam Khomeini Airport  
62 ft
6. Keep left at the fork and merge onto Persian Gulf Fwy/Tehran-Qom Fwy/Route 7
Partial toll road
19.3 mi
7. Continue straight onto Kazemi Expy
Pass by CNG
(on the left in 1.3 km)
1.3 mi
8. Slight right  
0.3 mi
9. Take the ramp to Cheraghi Expy  
0.2 mi
10. Keep left and merge onto Cheraghi Expy  
1.9 mi
11. Merge onto Navvab Hwy
Pass by ساختمان کالا پزشکی ایران
(on the right in 2.8 km)
2.3 mi
12. Continue straight  
0.2 mi
13. Continue onto Tohid Tunnel
Pass by Ayande
(on the right in 1.1 km)
1.7 mi
14. Merge onto Chamran Hwy
Pass by TVM گیشا
(on the left in 800 m)
4.8 mi
15. Exit onto Seoul St  
0.7 mi
16. Slight right onto the ramp to Seoul St  
0.2 mi
17. Keep left at the fork and merge onto Seoul St
Pass by وزارت ورزش و جوانان
(on the right in 1.1 km)
0.8 mi
18. Turn right onto Namayeshgah  
0.4 mi

Access roads Metro:

Subway map of Tehran and Suburbs mention the nearest station to the Tehran International Exhibitions Co













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